Wicked Craniums

The authentic alternative social club with a focus on music, experience, and events. OG NFT Project launched on 21st June, 2021. We have one of the strongest and most loyal communities in the web-3 ecosystem, and provide our holders access to in-person events such as concerts and music festivals.

In June 2021, we launched Wicked Craniums from a dorm room in USC. To our surprise and much hype, the collection sold out in 30 minutes.

Since then we have done a lot!

  1. Launched a lifestyle brand with custom merch drops
  2. Hosted Wicked Cranium parties in LA and New York
  3. Collaborated with music and NFT artists
  4. Hosted a charity auction (featured on Times Square)
  5. Partnered with 5B Arts and Media (who manage artists like Slipknot and Megadeath) which allows us to provide access to hundreds(!) of music concerts and festivals to our holders.
  6. We launched a social meida platform for holders called the Cradle which we are now revamping for event ticketing
  7. Implemented one of the first NFT-to-NFT Staking contract
  8. Currently working on a non-custodial wallet implementation for the Cradle.